Hi, my name is Viktorija Rudenia and I’m the founder and designer of Holy Mountain Studio. My background is in fashion and textiles design and I previously owned a luxury lingerie brand that was based in London, UK.

Longing for a more flexible lifestyle and desire to work from anywhere I have quit my fashion business so I can travel and explore the world. In recent years, I have realized that a path of illustration and painting fulfills me more creatively so Holy Mountain Studio was born as an expression of that combined with my expertise in commercial design and creative entrepreneurship.

I offer design assets for busy entrepreneurs and graphic designers who value high quality design but are also conscious of their budgets. This approach to design is perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

As a previous start-up owner I can say that saving money on design and branding is the best thing you can do at the start of your venture – that’s why I’m creating graphics, vector illustrations and digital design assets that will bring your vision to life and won’t brake your bank.

To me, Holy Mountain represents everything that I cherish and I am passionate about. I hope you will get inspiration from visiting my website and perhaps find graphic assets that will assist you in your design projects and business.

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