Featured Work

Here are the most recent projects I completed for female entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty, wellness and food industries.I specialize in branding design, surface design, social media and website design.


Abstract Tropical graphics kit for www.holymountainstudio.com

Illustrations and vector graphics collection for www.holymountainstudio.com

This design kit consists of hundreds of elements like illustrations, patterns, templates for social media, vector elements, and more. 

It was created for a diverse range of use for businesses that need a bit of a tropical touch.


Branding design for VIVE Beauty

Branding, logo design, packaging mock-ups and style guidelines for Vive Beauty. Vive is a contemporary minimalistic luxury brand that wants to appeal to all genders.


Brand design for Femme Allure

Branding, logo and style guidelines for Femme Allure. Femme Allure sells beautiful luxurious bathroom accessories at an affordable price. Contemporary, feminine yet sophisticated brand for women that love beautiful modern accessories.


Product design, creative direction and branding design for Viktorija Rudenia London

Branding, product design and creative direction for Viktorija Rudenia London luxury lingerie label.Eco-conscious luxury designer lingerie produced in Europe,

designed in London.


Branding design for Neaux Coffee Company

Branding, logo and style guidelines for a new coffee shop Neaux Coffee Company based in the U.S.

Neaux targets young adults as it's located next to a high school.Neaux founder requested me to create a minimal and contemporary brand.


Rebrand for a beauty blog Layers of Skins, based in Singapore

Rebrand for a Singapore based beauty blog Layers of Skins.The blog www.layersofskins.com feature latest news and trends of beauty products that are accessible in Singapore 

Brand design for VisionPartying.com

Branding, logo and packaging for visionpartying.com.Vision Partying sells craft kits for making your own vision boards and organize live in person workshops and events.Based in the U.S.


Branding design and packaging for Groovy Butter

Branding, logo and packaging for California based Groovy Butter.Groovy Butter sells CBD infused nut butters and draws it's influences from early 70's disco and colourful 60's era.


Brand design for Layer One Underwear

Branding and logo design for Layer One Underwear. Layer One is a U.S based underwear brand that is minimal and simplistic catering for a diverse range of women.

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