5 Tips How to add extra detail to your logo design using Tropical Plants Vector Illustrations Set

I created some logo design samples for your inspiration! Here are my 5 tips on how you can apply Tropical Plants Vector Illustrations to your logo. Whether you are a graphic designer or a business owner, I hope this resource will be helpful and inspiring for you.

1. Add plant illustrations above the text in various sizes. Try playing around with the scale.

2. Insert plant vector elements into arches or frames for a pretty feminine logo.

3. Try contrasting colours of elements and shapes. This could create unexpected effects.

4. Place plant illustrations on the side of the text in various sizes. You can use just one element or a few.

5. You can use plant vector illustrations as small letter decorations for a more fun look.

I hope you found these design ideas inspiring and useful for your next project. You can purchase Tropical Plants Vector Set used in these images.

If you need help with a logo design, please contact me directly as I accept custom commissions as well.


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