5 Tips how to use tropical plants elements in your design

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Hi guys,

As some of you have noticed, I created a Tropical Plants Vector Illustrations set that could be useful to enliven your designs. I want to share some tips and ideas how you could incorporate these elements into your design! So here's some ideas for your creative projects:

1. Use small botanical elements to decorate your text based logo

2. Use illustrations in various colours to decorate your photos

3. Play with scale - use large abstract shapes against small plants to create exciting contrast

4. Use colourful backgrounds and contrasting shades for illustrations. Play around and experiment here, the results might surprise you.

5. Experiment with colouring in the botanical line illustrations. Experiment with having different outline colours too.

I hope you have some new ideas for your designs. If you are a graphic designer, or entrepreneur feel free to share your designs on the comment section. I'm so curious to see how you could implement these designs into your work!

To purchase Tropical Plants Vector Illustrations set, click the link below


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