Why branded and well curated IG posts will help your business to perform better

I often get questions from my clients such as:

· How can a consistent IG feed benefit my business and engagement?

· How do I create such content?

· Is it affordable?

So I’ve decided to answer these questions here and I hope more of you can benefit from this info.

A branded and well curated IG feed will make your brand stand out from the crowd, it will be easier for the viewer to remember it and more people will save your image, comment and like it.

That benefits you because IG algorithm will identify your account as a valuable and important. You will have a higher chance of experiencing the ‘snowball effect’. That means your image starts to show up on the top of IG search and that’s where you start to get tons of traffic on your page.

Is it hard to create such content and how do I start?

It’s not that hard at all and consistency is the key here. It’s important to plan ahead and identify an aesthetic that you wish to follow throughout your feed. This will be identified by colours and graphics that you choose.

If your business is not very visual, for instance you are a service provider, an author, spokesperson etc. You will benefit a lot from having a well branded and cohesive IG feed. You can start by exploring free app such as Canva to create basic graphics for your IG feed.

However if you wish to really stand out from the crowd you could choose custom graphics created for you. I know for many businesses this might be too expensive especially if they are just starting out. But luckily you have a choice of purchasing open graphics social media branding assets. One of my favourite place to look for such products is creativemarket.com

I’m also very excited to announce that I’m launching my own social media branding kit which is perfect for beginners – all you have to do is place a pre-designed template on top of your image or insert your desired text. The templates are already formatted with a transparent background in a PNG format.

Here’s some examples of what sort of content you can create for your business in just 1min! Simple, easy and affordable! Check Abstract Tropical social media branding kit right now or contact me if you have any questions about this new product


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